Illuminens is a studio specialized in creating images of architectures

Our goal is to help you to differentiate yourself and to win.

Many architectural perspectives are similar; yet rare are those capable of surprising you !

The digital image must not simply represent the architectural project, it must explain and promote your architectural approach effectively and also describe the life and uses of your project through a series of scenes in which the surroundings and atmosphere captivates the life around, together to enhance the buildings.
We are not trying only to represent the project in all its aspects. Instead, we are aiming at creating a special mood.

Are you looking for a responsive team that adapts itself to your imperatives and expectations, and succeeds in differentiating you ?

ILLUMINENS is a studio specialized in the creation and communication dedicated to architecture. We combine the use of the most cutting edge computer graphics softwares with our own artistic sense and a deep thought in how to communicate a strong visual idea effectively.

We always aim at obtaining ‘the right image’ that will hold your interlocutors’ attention.

The "Project Portfolios" gather the images of the main projects submitted to us.

Animated sequences - 3D Animations - MultiLight - Montage