If making a computer generated or a 3D animation can be proven to be a form of effective communication medium, it is usually expensive for two reason :

  • Important calculations : To make a film, we have to calculate 25 images per second !
  • A clean and and very detailed model : in a film we do not have to ability to make post production retouching or add ambiance elements with Photoshop.

On the other hand one of the frequent issues of architectural films in computer graphics makes too long shots, where as like a drone, we fly and we cross the project in one take. It’s a format that can quickly become boring, even when the means are big.


To overcome these constraints, we have several strategies that allow us to make attractive and dynamic films by drastically limiting the costs of their production :

  • Calculate the tracking shots to arrive on fixed scenes completely rendered on photoshop. This allows us to take advantage of the perspectives that have been realised in parallel.
  • The “multilight” technology allows, on the basis of a single calculation, to vary the single light sources. This gives an animated sequence on a fixed frame. (see below “Hall Chartres – Multilight”).
  • We take special care in editing to avoid sequences that are too long and too boring. We alternate short shots, animated didactic maps, interviews and voice overs to prevent this. Not to mention the sounds and music that are essential to support the story.