Signal Tower Le Havre Wood Up

ZAC Dumont d’Urville – Le Havre

Atelier d’Architecture Marie Schweitzer  ►

National Grand Prix Adivbois Puca “buildings to live wood”.

This tower represents a signal and a monumental vision. It symbolises the vision of the future brought by the city of Le Havre by appraising the wood industry. The building emerges from a base, like a plant and detaches itself to grow and live freely. Drawing from the source of the material, the trees of the planted base make it possible to affirm the spectacle of the building while at the same time signifying the scale of human life and the humanist dimension that governs the affiliation of life in wood.

ProjectSignal Tower | Le Havre Wood UpArchitectAtelier d'Architecture Marie SchweitzerYear2017LocationZAC Dumont d’Urville – Le Havre, France

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